Hello Visitor!

Thank you for visiting (or stumbling) into this tiny space on the web! I am glad to share some of my thoughts, adventures and new- found knowledge with you.

If you too, like me are striving to be a better person each day while learning to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, you are in the right place!

When I first started this blog,  I did not really see it as anything else except as an outlet for some thoughts. Somehow later, it became an extension of my life. So now, four years down the road, I have a clearer picture on what it is and what I would like it to be.

It’s all about continuous improvement…

Therefore this blog will serve a platform for growth  in personality, knowledge, habits as well as personal development.

I have shared thoughts and information that has improved some aspect of the quality of my life. Learning and reading are the best tools for self improvement and I look forward to sharing book reviews, analysis on new concepts and general knowledge that I have learnt and used. Growth always goes hand in hand with gratitude for everything we have around us- I am certainly a product of my environment and therefore I choose to weave my stories of appreciation within the fabric of this blog as well.