38) Hello Summer: The Power of Nature

Summer is indeed a beautiful woman at her prime, teaching you how to dance like no one is watching, singing songs and laughing to herself, rejoicing in everything that the Earth has to offer. She certainly is here among us today, to remind us, like every year, that after every winter storm comes a ray of sunshine, hopes and new beginnings


36) On Turning 27: Looking Back and Onwards

I turned twenty seven A few days ago And I feel like a ship Sailing across uncharted waters In a voyage not planned And to a destination unknown. All the possibilities of what is true and real seem to have been exhausted. Twenty years ago, If you'd ask me to imagine this moment I'd have …

17) She Wolf

She's a wolf the way she guards her soul and her body. She's a wolf when she wakes up for the morning kill. She's a wolf when she needs to run and hunt. She's a wolf do not worry about her because she will find her path to her woods. She's a wolf and she …